The site of the build is on the corner of a busy junction through the heart of the village, and both roads are in constant use by very large, heavy farming machinery.

The biggest challenge during construction was the likelihood of excavating a 3.5m hole next to an unsupported road. This is very dangerous as with the amount of heavy traffic the road sees, it would slip into the excavation.

Build Method

The first part of the project was levelling the ground and then bringing in large plant to drill, reinforce and cast concrete 6m deep contiguous piling along the side of the road to ensure it had support. Once the piles were cast, they were joined by a “pile cap beam” which consists of reinforcing and concrete that joins the heads of all piles.

Once complete the excavation could be dug to formation level and the main concrete slab could be cast.

The basement walls were then created using temporary timber shuttering and mass filled reinforced concrete, separated and built in two halves.

Waterpfoofing Method

Waterproofing for the project was comprised of two systems to comply with 3rd party warranty requirements.

  1. External drainage channels linked to permanent external sump & pumping station to reduce external water pressure
  2. Internal cavity drainage membrane, linked to a sump & pumping station
Client: Langton Homes
Location: Ashley, Market Harborough
Surface Area: 85 square meters
Completed: 2013
Architect: BRP Architects
Link: Visit project